PM Narendra Modi's "Mann Ki Baat" : Fights against CORONA

PM Narendra Modi's 64th "Mann Ki Baat" Today Edition: Fight against COVID-19, Which is People Driven.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his 64th "Mann Ki Baat" today's edition he said about the fight against Corona Virus Pandemic Disease, which fights are truly people driven.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was received many ideas for avoiding cofonavirus before 26 April 2020 from Indian people. Few ideas shares with Indian people by his program.He said each person of India is a soldier during this corona fight. So each person is a Corona Warrior. We are in the midst of a "Yuddh", So PM Modi saluting to the people of India.
India is a large country. So if we want to avoid corona virus, we always keep social distances between each person. This is the greatest way of avoiding coronavirus.
While discussing the fight against the Coronavirus, PM Modi Said that Clap, Thali, Diya, Candle, all these things gave rise to the feelings. At Lockdown period our farmer brothers and sisters, they are working day and night in their fields in the midst of this epidemic and are also worried that no one sleep in hungry.

During this program PM Modi said that whether millions of people have to give up gas subsidy, millions of senior citizens have to give up the railway subsidy, take the leadership of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, build toilets, there are countless such things. All these things show that we all are threaded into one strong thread. They have inspired us to do something for the country.

The Prime Minister Modi said that every difficult situation our businesses,our offices our educational institutions our medical sector, everyone are rapidly moving towards new technological changes.

The Prime Minister Modi said that today people have come forward to help each other in the street, everywhere in the street. From the food to the poor, the system of rationing should be followed by the lockdown, the provision of hospitals, the construction of medical equipment in the country - today the whole country is moving along with one goal, one direction.

PM Modi said that India's fight against Corona is truly people driven. In India, the fight against the corona is fighting the people, you are fighting, governance and administration are fighting with the people. The Prime Minister said that we are fortunate that today the entire nation, every citizen of the country, people and people is the soldiers of this fight and is leading the fight. Today, the whole country is moving forward with one goal and one direction.

PM Modi launched a website for corona warriors, which websites name is In this site social workers , NCC cadets, doctor's and police and all warriors were meet at one places. If you wants to join as a warrior visit this site.

For avoid Coronavirus follow ministry of ayush department of India Guidelines. Use warm water and many more.

Note:Protect Yourself  from Coronavirus Disease.

Don't Together in public Places. Distance maintain with nearby people. Wash your hands with sanitizer or hand wash before eating, everytime use mask in your face. Don't touch your eyes and nose in your hand and don't touch ladders ralling in building. 

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