How to transfer money from Paytm Wallet to Bank account


AG Trick Readers, Today we say about All Paytm Users , Welcome to our website AG Trick , Now we says about paytm wallet to bank account transfer process. 

If you paytm wallets have much more money and you wants to transfer this money to your account from this wallet. Which will be charged 5% of principal money, which money you want to transfer. But we will say about a process, which processes you have no charged for transfer money to your bank account from your wallet. 

Now Paytm is the one of the best Online Payment Platform during digital India.  So
Follow below process and waives your wallet charges.

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Paytm Sign Up Process for New User

  • Download Paytm App - Click Here
  • Register with your Mobile Number By OTP.
  • Then click on Passbook section 
  • You will see a banner for Mini KYC of your wallet.
  • You will choose one option as your choice like PAN, VOTER ID , PASSPORT Etc.
  • After successful kyc submission your wallet will be active for one year.

Trick - How to transfer money from paytm wallet to bank account ?

  • Visit your nearest Retailer, which retailer accepts money through Paytm Merchant QR Code.
  • You will say him, I wants to need money in my bank account but now my money available in my paytm wallet. 
  • If he/she agree with you 
  • Open your Paytm App.
  • Paytm Sign Up process

  • Click on Scan Any QR
  • Scan that retailer's Paytm Merchant QR Code.
  • Pay your Wallet balance.
  • Then he/she gaves you this money in your bank account

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