Amazon India arranges many quiz contest such as Daily Quiz Time, Progear Smartband Quiz, Microsoft Laptop Quiz, Amazon Microsoft Modern PCs  Quiz,The July Quiz .Amazon Microsoft Laptop Quiz contest one of them.

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What makes Microsoft laptops with Solid State Drive(s) better?

Options are

A. 5X faster boot speed

B. 3X faster boot speed

C. 2X faster boot speed

D. 1X faster than HDDs

Answer:-5X faster boot speed


Modern PCs with SSD load video calls 4.7X faster than a traditional HDD.

Options are



Answer:- True


Which of the following features describe Modern PCs with SSDs?

Options are

A. Light and Sleek 

B. Faster performance

C. Longer battery life

D. All of the above

Answer:-All of the above


What kind of hard drives are used in Microsoft Modern PC's?

Options are

A. Only SSD


C. Only HDD

D. Both 1 and 2

Answer:-Both 1 and 2


SSDs have lesser number of moving parts than traditional HDDs, making it _________.

Options are

A. Efficient and durable

B. Heavy and bulky

C. Inefficient and rigid

D. Classy and costly

Answer:-Efficient and durable

Amazon Microsoft Laptop Quiz T&C

1.This  Amazon Microsoft Laptop Quiz contest will commence on 29 June 2020 from 12:00:00 a.m. to 15 July 11:59:00 p.m.

2.Total Winner of this Contest- 20 nos.