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AG Trickers, welcome to our website AG Trick,Now Intermiles App arranges a quiz contest. This quiz contest is known as Quiz-a-thon.In this contest you will get Exciting prizes such as Amazon Pay Gift Card/Voucher, Flipkart Gift Voucher,Shoppers Stop Gift Voucher,Westside Gift Voucher,Book My Show Gift Voucher and more.

Today we will says about Intermiles Quiz Contest 3 September 2020 . In this contest each Participants will be win up to 50 Intermixed.

How To Play Intermiles Quiz Contest Today?

  1. First of all download Intermiles App -Click Here
  2. Register with your basic details like your mobile number and email id. 
  3. In Home Page of Amazon App scroll down this page and find a banner like below image
  4. Then click on that banner
  5. Then click on Quiz-a-thon Banner
  6. Then you will saw some questions for intermiles quiz
  7.  Play this Quiz and gave answers correctly.
  8. If you are lucky you will win up to 50 intermiles

Intermiles Quiz Questions and Answers 17 September - 23 September 

Intermiles quiz Cuisines Answers

Q.1 answer is -  Eggs

Q.2 answer is - All of Them

Q.3 answer is - Your Future

Q.4 answer is - Your Age

Q.5 answer is - Bank 

Q.6 answer is - Not

I hope this quiz questions answer will help you. So daily visit our website and get latest quiz updates and latest news,amazon win quiz answers and intermiles quiz answers.Try your luck best

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