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Today we will says about Flipkart beat the genius quiz . This quiz is totally digitalized quiz. This digital quiz you will get many prizes. This quiz contest will be host by Maniesh Paul and Mr. Probably Mukherjee. Maniesh Paul .

In this contest if you gave these questions answers correctly ,you will get 50 Gift Voucher of Rs.1000 and 2000 gift voucher of rs.50 and assured prize like supercoin.

Flipkart Beat The Genius Quiz Question & Answer

Q.1 Thalassery / Ambur / Dindigul / Kolkata and Awadhi are types of what dish?

Answer :- Biryani

Q.2 In June 2020 Which cyclone hit the western coast of India?

Answer :- Nisarga

Q.3 What is the civil Aircraft registration country code for planes registered in India?

Answer :- VT

Q.4 After which Sufi saint did Emperor Akbar name his son -who became emperor Jahangir?

Answer :- Sheikh Salim Chisti

Q.5 Which Asura in Hindu mythology was the son of Vajranga &  Vajrangi and could only be killed by a child ?

Answer :- Tarakasura

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