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Today we will says about Flipkart Ladies Vs Gentlemen Quiz Show. This quiz contest show will hosts by Genelia and Ritesh Deshmukh.This quiz is totally digitalized quiz. This digital quiz you will get many prizes. This quiz contest will be host by Maniesh Paul and Mr. Probably Mukherjee. Maniesh Paul .

In this contest if you gave these questions answers correctly ,you will get 50 Gift Voucher of Rs.1000 and 2000 gift voucher of rs.50 and assured prize like supercoin.

Flipkart Ladies Vs Gentlemen Quiz Question & Answer 18th November 2020

Q.1 What % of people believe that a man dating multiple people is a stud while a woman doing the same is characterless?

Answer :- 60%

Q.2 What % of people change the names of certain people on their phone to hide it from their partner?

Answer :- 80%

Q.3 What % of women feel that the clothes they possess are not enough?

Answer :- 70%

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Flipkart Ladies Vs Gentlemen Quiz Answer 18 November 2020 on YouTube Video 

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