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Amazon January Edition Quiz Answers Today 2023 Win Rs. 20000 Pay Balance

Amazon January Edition Quiz Answers Today 2023 : In the year of 2023 amazon india creates a contest which contest is also known as Amazon Funzone Monthly Quiz Contest, amazon Fz weekly quiz contest, Amazon January edition jackpot quiz contest and Amazon January edition quiz contest. But now we are telling about Amazon January edition quiz 2023 on Amazon fz quiz time .

Amazon January Edition Quiz 2023

Amazon January edition quiz answers today 2023


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Amazon January Edition Quiz Answers Today 2023

Today we will says about amazon january quiz answers today of 2023. In this contest you can earn 20000 pay balance for all correct answers of Amazon monthly quiz.

How to Play Amazon January Edition Quiz?

1. Firstly download Amazon App from play store.

2. Register with your basic details like your mobile number and email id.

3. In Home Page of Amazon App scroll down this page and find a banner for Daily Quiz Time for amazon quiz answers win or type funzone on search bar and click on search icon.

4. Then click on Play Now

5. Then click on Amazon January Edition Quiz Section.

6. Click on start.

7. Then you will saw some questions for Amazon Funzone January Edition Quiz.

8. Play this Quiz and gave answers correctly and win rs.20000 pay balance.

Amazon January Edition Quiz Answers Today

Amazon january edition quiz answers : Re - Visit

Q1. January has 31 days - how many other months have 31 days?

A. 2

B. 4

C. 6

D. 10

Answer : 6

Q2. Which Roman God was January named after?

A. Bellona

B. Janus

C. Apollo

D. Mars

Answer : Janus

Q3. Which flower is commonly associated with January?

A. The Snowdrop

B. Lilly

C. Rose

D. Sunflower

Answer : The Snowdrop

Q4. Who added an extra day to January, giving it 31 days instead of 30?

A. Otho

B. Julius Caesar

C. Claudius

D. Nero

Answer : Julius Caesar

Q5. Which star sign covers December 22 to January 19?

A. Capricorn

B. Aries

C. Libra

D. Leo

Answer : Capricorn


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