Among the following, what is Canada’s national summer sport?

Among the following, what is Canada’s national summer sport?

Among the following, what is Canada's national summer sport?
Among the following, what is Canada’s national summer sport?

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Q.1 Before nationalization, the State Bank of India was known as?

A.General Bank of India

B. Bank of Hindostan

C. Grand Bank

D. Imperial Bank of India

Answer : Imperial Bank of India

Q.2 What is the number of Ribs present in the Human body?

A. 23

B. 24

C. 25

D. 22

Answer : 24

Q.3 Which bird constructs the largest unit nest structure in the world?

A. Red-billed Quelea

B. Mountain Drongo

C. Sociable Weaver

D. Ostrich

Answer : Sociable Weaver

Q.4 R.K. Narayan has written which of the following book?

A. Swamy and Friends

B. Geetanjali

C. We the people

D. Panchatantra

Answer : Swamy and Friends

Q.5 Among the following, what is Canada’s national summer sport?

A. Hockey

B. Lacrosse

C. Basketball

D. Football

Answer : Lacrosse

Q.6 Between which of the following countries, Tipaimukh dam is a topic of dispute?

A. India and China

B. India and Myanmar

C. India and Pakistan

D. India and Bangladesh

Answer : India and Bangladesh

Q.7 The first traders to discover a sea to India were fro place? which

A. Portugal

B. Russia

C. England

D. Netherland

Answer : Portugal

Q.8 Which actor plays the role of God in the film ‘God Tussi at Ho’?

A. Sanjay Dutt

B. Shahrukh Khan

C. Amitabh Bachchan

D. Salman Khan

Answer : Amitabh Bachchan

Q.9 Gruyère is a cheese that originated in which country?

A. France

B. Switzerland

C. Austria

D. Germany

Answer : Switzerland

Q.10 What is the new brand name of India’s premium Cotton, launched in 2020, in the World Cotton Trade?

A. Bharat Cotton

B. Maharaja Cotton

C. Incredible Cotton

D. Kasturi Cotton

Answer : Kasturi Cotton

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