How high is the basketball hoop from the ground in professional basketball?

How high is the basketball hoop from the ground in professional basketball? – 

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kbc offline quiz answers today
How high is the basketball hoop from the ground in professional basketball?


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Kaun Banega Crorepati 13 Offline Quiz Answers 6th September 2021

Q.1 How high is the basketball hoop from the ground in professional basketball?,

A. 12 feet

B. 15 feet

C. 10 feet

D. 11 feet

Correct Answer is 10 feet

Q.2 How many states of India share its border with Bhutan?

A. 4

B. 7

C. 2

D. 3

Correct Answer is 4

Q.3 What is the full form of GST in tax?

A. General Service Tax

B. Goods and Salary Tax

C. Goods and Service Tax

D. General Salary Tax

Correct answer is Goods and Service Tax

Q.4 Which gland is known as Master Gland in the human body?

A. Pineal gland

B. Thyroid Gland

C. Hypothalamus

D. Pituitary Gland

Answer : Pituitary Gland

Q.5 Besides humans, which is the only other animal known to contract leprosy?

A. Nine-banded Armadillo

B. Tiger

C. King Cobra

D. Elephant

Correct Answer Is Nine-banded Armadillo

Q.6 The author Emile Zola wrote which of the following book?

A. Samidha

B. Zest for Life

C. We the people

D. Geetanjali

Answer : Zest for Life

Q.7 24 Tirthankaras were there in which of the following religion?

A. Sikhism

B. Buddhism

C. Hinduism

D. Jainism

Correct Answer is Jainism

Q.8 From where does Veeru propose to Basanti in Sholay?

A. Top of a roof

B. Top of a ladder

C. Top of a water tank

D. Top of a hill

Correct answer is Top of a water tank

Q.9 Tomato originated from which continent?

A. South America

B. Asia

C. North America

D. Europe

Correct Answer is South America

Q.10 Introduced by the Centre, which state assembly passed a resolution against the Ordinances on Agriculture Marketing?

A. Kerala

B. Rajasthan

C. Punjab

D. Chhattisgarh

Correct Answer is Punjab


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