KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today 19 November 2021 Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 13 ( 24×7 Quiz ) Both English and Hindi

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kbc offline quiz answers today
KBC offline quiz answers today 19 November 2021

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Kbc Offline Quiz Answers Today

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Kbc Offline Quiz Answers Today 19th November 2021

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KBC offline quiz answers today,kbc questions
kbc offline quiz answers today 19 November 2021

Kbc Offline Quiz Answers Today 19th November 2021

Kaun Banega Crorepati 13 Offline Quiz Answers Today English and Hindi 19 November 2021

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Q1. BBC Indian Sportswoman of the Year award for 2021 has been won by whom?

Answer: Koneru Humpy

Q2. Which color cap is awarded to the player for scoring the most runs in the IPL?

Answer: Orange

Q3. In which layer of soil are most of the organic matter located?

Answer: Topsoil

Q4. Malaria can be cured with a drug extracted from which of the following tree?

Answer: Chinchona Tree

Q5. An estuary is an area where a freshwater river or stream meets with what from the following?

Answer: Ocean

Q6. The popular TV serial ‘Neem ka Ped’ was written by whom?

Answer: Dr. Rahi Masoom Raza

Q7. Which empire lasted the longest among the following?

Answer: The Rashtrakuta Dynasty

Q8. Madai festival is a tribal festival of which among the following states?

Answer: Chattisgarh

Q9. Which of the following states is famous for Houseboats?

Answer: Kerala

Q10. Bairam Khan was the Commander in Chief of which king?

Answer: Akbar

KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today 18 November 2021

Q1. Which cell contains light-absorbing pigment in plant cells?

Answer: Chloroplasts

Q2. Where were the hymns of Rigveda composed?

Answer: Punjab

Q3. The Government of India has proposed to partner with which institution for creating a Centre of Excellence in gaming?

Answer: IIT Bombay

Q4. A group of islands closely scattered in a body of water is known as?

Answer: Archipelago

Q5. Which of the following state is famous for Cruises?

Answer: Goa

Q6. The Sangai Festival is celebrated in which of the following Indian state?

Answer: Manipur

Q7. Where was the final of IPL 2009 played?

Answer: Johannesburg

Q8. Which of the following book is written by M.O. Mathai?

Answer: Reminiscences of the Nehru Age

Q9. According to Hindu Mythology, who is the father of Kamsa?

Answer: Ugrasena

Q10. Soils host how much of the world’s biodiversity?

Answer: Quater

Kbc Offline Quiz Answers Today 19 November 2021

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