KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today 24th November 2021 Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 13 ( 24×7 Quiz ) Both English and Hindi

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kbc offline quiz answers today
KBC offline quiz answers today 24 November 2021

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Kbc Offline Quiz Answers Today

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Kbc Offline Quiz Answers Today 24th November 2021

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KBC offline quiz answers today,kbc questions
kbc offline quiz answers today 24 November 2021

Kbc Offline Quiz Answers Today 24 November 2021

Kaun Banega Crorepati 13 Offline Quiz Answers Today English and Hindi 24 November 2021

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Q1. What is Mitochondria is also known as?

Answer: Power House Of a Cell

Q2. What sport did the Iroquois Indians invent?

Answer: Lacrosse

Q3. Which Bollywood personality has been honored with the ‘Swara Mauli award’?

Answer: Lata Mangeshkar

Q4. Which is the oldest football competition in India?

Answer: Durand Cup

Q5. What is a farfalle?

Answer: Pasta

Q6. How many segments are usually inside most oranges?

Answer: 10

Q7. Who is the first citizen of India?

Answer: The President

Q8. Ambika was the mother of which of the following king?

Answer: Dhritarashtra

Q9. Which state will introduce the Gender Budget Concept in India in its annual Budget for FY 2021-22?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh

Q10. On which day is the ‘World Lion Day’ celebrated to mobilize support for Lion’s protection and conservation?

Answer: 10th August

Kbc Offline Quiz Answers Today 23 November 2021

Q1. In which year did All India Football Federation get FIFA affiliation?

Answer: 1948

Q2.Which is the first BRICS country to join High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People?

Answer: India

Q3. What are mammals covered with?

Answer: Hair of Fur

Q4. Who assumed the form of a golden deer to help Ravana in kidnapping Goddess Sita?

Answer: Maricha

Q5. M.K. Vellodi was appointed as the Chief Minister for the state of Hyderabad in which year?

Answer: 1950

Q6. What is the name of Indradev’s elephant?

Answer: Airavata

Q7. The mountain peak Kedarkantha is situated in which state?

Answer: Uttarakhand

Q8. Which of these monuments will you find in Mumbai?

Answer: Gateway of India

Q9. ‘INS Karanj’ is third in the series of six Scorpene-class diesel-electric submarines, being built by which company?

Answer: Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd.

Q10. Which of the following movies became the first Bollywood film ever to release in Saudi Arabia?

Answer: Gold

Kbc Offline Quiz Answers Today 22 November 2021

Q1. Brine pools in the ocean have an unusually high level of what?

Answer: Salt

Q2. A Janapadin was the ___ of Janapada

Answer: Ruler

Q3. Which one of the following is a hereditary disease?

Answer: Haemophilia

Q4. Who among the following were a community of skilled wood cutters and shifting cultivators?

Answer: Kalangs

Q5. Which of the following author has written the book ‘India of our Dreams’?

Answer: M.V.Kamath

Q6. For which Indian club did Bhaichung Bhutia play in 2002?

Answer: Mohun Bagan

Q7. ‘Living Well with Kidney Disease’ was the theme of which day in 2021?

Answer: World Kidney Day

Q8. Among the following, what is protein considered as?

Answer: Bodybuilder

Q9. In the epic Ramayana, with which weapon did Lord Rama finally kill Ravana?

Answer: Brahmastra

Q10. Which of the following actor has been honored with the ‘Godavari Gaurav’ award?

Answer: Amol Palekar

Kbc Offline Quiz Answers Today 19 November 2021

Q1. BBC Indian Sportswoman of the Year award for 2021 has been won by whom?

Answer: Koneru Humpy

Q2. Which color cap is awarded to the player for scoring the most runs in the IPL?

Answer: Orange

Q3. In which layer of soil are most of the organic matter located?

Answer: Topsoil

Q4. Malaria can be cured with a drug extracted from which of the following tree?

Answer: Chinchona Tree

Q5. An estuary is an area where a freshwater river or stream meets with what from the following?

Answer: Ocean

Q6. The popular TV serial ‘Neem ka Ped’ was written by whom?

Answer: Dr. Rahi Masoom Raza

Q7. Which empire lasted the longest among the following?

Answer: The Rashtrakuta Dynasty

Q8. Madai festival is a tribal festival of which among the following states?

Answer: Chattisgarh

Q9. Which of the following states is famous for Houseboats?

Answer: Kerala

Q10. Bairam Khan was the Commander in Chief of which king?

Answer: Akbar


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