Kucoin Fracton Learn & Earn Quiz Answers Today : To Win 30000 HIBAYC Tokens ( Stage 1 )

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Kucoin HIBAYC Token Quiz Answers Today
Kucoin Fracton Quiz Answers Today, learn and earn HIBAYC Token , kucoin learn to earn quiz answers today 

Kucoin Learn & Earn Quiz Answers Today 

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Kucoin HIBAYC Quiz Answers Today


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Kucoin Learn to Earn Quiz Answers 

Today we will says about Kucoin Fracton Quiz Answers , Now we have updated with Kucoin Fracton Quiz Answers Today , Learn & Earn HIBAYC Token Worth 30000 share on below. Find all correct answers of Kucoin Fracton Quiz Answers Today and get HIBAYC Token

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Kucoin Fracton ( HIBAYC Token ) Quiz Answers Today

Kucoin learn to earn quiz answers today 
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Q. What can I do with a People’s BAYC?
Answer: Trade it on the market, redeem BAYC, or Meta-Swap it into hiBAYC.
Q. What is a People’s BAYC Blind Box?
Answer: People’s BAYC Blind Boxes represent the pending state of People’s BAYC prior to a successful minting round.
Q. Where can you trade NFTs?
Answer: Opensea
Q. How many PUNKS Blind Box minting rounds can be launched at the same time?
Answer: 1
Q. What will Fracton do if the Blind Box minting round you participate in fails?
Answer: Buy back hiNFT tokens (Price=1/1,000 of the Blind Box price; Quantity=1,000 times the number of Blind Boxes sold)
Q. How can I participate in Minting?
Answer: Go to Fracton Protocol’s official website
Q. How many CryptoPunks are there in total?
Answer: 10,000
Q. Which is the standard for Non-Fungible Crew?
Answer: ERC721
Q. Which standard does CryptoPunks use?
Answer: ERC20
Q. What is Meta-Swap?
Answer: Meta-Swap is Fracton Protocol’s NFT fraction exchange aggregator
Q. Can Blind Box minting prices change among different rounds?
Answer: It depends
Q. Can a Blind Box minting price change within the same round?
Answer: No
Q. How many times will Fracton fractionalize BAYC?
Answer: 2
Q. What was Fracton’s first twitter post about?
Answer: A Mirror article
Q. What is the transaction fee for hiBAYC tokens?
Answer: 0.2%
Q. Where can you trade your hiBAYC tokens?
Answer: Uniswap
Q. Which is the first NFT collection we fractionalized?
Answer: BAYC
Q. How much is the tax for BAYC redemption?
Answer: 0.3%
Q. Which is Fracton’s Twitter account?
Answer: @FractonOfficial
Q. What is the smallest number of hiBAYC you can subscribe for?
Answer: There is no restriction
Q. Which is Fracton‘s website?
Answer: www.fracton.cool
Q. At least how many hiPUNKS do you need to meta-swap a People’s Punk?
Answer: 1,000 plus a 0.3% protocol fee
Q. If minting and purchasing of BAYC are successful, what can you do with a People’s BAYC Blind Box?
Answer: Both of the above
Q. Which project has the longest history?
Answer: CryptoPunks
Q. Where can you trade People’s BAYC?
Answer: OpenSea
Q. How much is the tax for meta-swapping hiBAYC for People’s BAYC?
Answer: 0.3 %
Q. Where can you trade hiBAYC tokens?
Answer: Both of the above
Q. What is Fracton Protocol?
Answer: Fracton Protocol is a fractionalization trading platform for top NFTs
Q. Which standard does People’s BAYC use?
Answer: ERC1155
Q. What is hiBAYC?
Answer: hiBAYC is an ERC-20 token representing fractionalized ownership of BAYC
Q. What is the least number of People’s BAYC you can mint?
Answer: 1
Q. What does NFT stand for?
Answer: Non Fungible Token
Q. Which of the following is not a place where you can trade hiBAYC tokens?
Answer: OpenSea
Q. Which blockchain is Fracton deployed on?
Answer: Ethereum
Q. Which is our governance token?
Answer: $Fracton ($FT)
Q. Which of the following is one of our three goals?
Answer: Be a fully decentralized, permissionless fractions trading protocol
Q. Which standard does hiBAYC use?
Answer: ERC20
Q. How much is the transaction fee for hiPUNKS?
Answer: 0.2%
Q. What is the slogan for Fracton Protocol?
Answer: Say Hi to every top NFT you love
Q. Which type of NFT does Fracton Protocol focus on?
Answer: Top NFTs
Q. Which is our project name?
Answer: Fracton
Q. How can I get hiBAYC?
Answer: Use the Meta-Swap function on Fracton’s official site or buy them on the secondary market

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