Which companies merged to form IDFC FIRST Bank?

Which companies merged to form IDFC FIRST Bank?

Which companies merged to form IDFC FIRST Bank?
Which companies merged to form IDFC FIRST Bank?


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Which companies merged to form IDFC FIRST Bank?

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Q1. Private ownership of the means of production is a feature of which of the following economy?

A. Socialist Economy

B. Mixed Economy

C. Capitalist Economy

D. Traditional Economy

Answer : Capitalist Economy

Q2. Where is the highest motorable road in the world located?

A. Potosi, Bolivia

B. Ladakh, India

C. Val Thorens, France

D. Guizhou, China

Answer : Ladakh, India

Q3. Which bank has launched a Metaverse-based virtual lounge to showcase its products to customers virtually in July 2022?

A. Punjab National Bank

B. State Bank of India

C. Bank of India

D. Union Bank of India

Answer : Union Bank of India

Q4. What are the Academy Awards presented annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences commonly known as?

A. Grammy Award

B. Oscars

C. Golden Globes

D. Emmy Awards

Answer : Oscars

Q5. Which companies merged to form IDFC FIRST Bank?

A. IDFC and Capital Bank

B. IDFC Capital and First Bank

C. IDFC First and Capital Bank

D. IDFC Bank and Capital First

Answer : IDFC Bank and Capital First

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Correct answer is Aug 15, 1947

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